Radama Archipelago

100km south of NOSY BE are the RADAMA Islands.

4 beautiful islands, habited only by small groups of fishermen.

In open water are impressives drop-offs covered by giants sea fans and many pelagic. On the edges of the walls and reef you will find a beautiful diversity of fish and corals.

Departure from NOSY BE for Tanikely – Bay of the Russians – Nosy Iranja – Baramahamay Bay – Kalakajoro – Antanimora.

DIVING SPOTS: TANIKELY Marine Park / Sugar Loaf / Napoleon / Greg’s wall / Cyclone Bank – Nursery – 3 rocks – Alimadi…

Encountered Species: Dog-toothed tuna/barracudas – jacks/grey sharks/white tips – zebra shark – turtles – groupers. Very beautiful sea fans  on the wall. Whale sharks and manta rays at the end of the year.